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AQA A2 MEST3 Scheme

jeremy | Wednesday September 02, 2009

Categories: A Level, AQA A Level, AQA A2, Other Topics, Digital Media, New Technologies

A Suggested Scheme of Work

This scheme of work is not in any way prescriptive, it is simply offered as a possible way in. It should be adapted and moulded to fit particular teachers, students and resources.

Week 1 Intro

This is the examined unit for A2 worth 50% of the A2 level called Critical Perspectives. I suggest that this unit is taught after the completion of MEST4 course work, so teaching the unit is likely to begin in late January and be complete by the end of term in April.

For the 2010 examination there are a two pre-set topic areas:
1. Represntation in the media
2. The impact of Digital Media.

The unit includes cross media issues and media theories – a lot to pack into one term but much of the material is building on existing knowledge.


The exam is two hours with a total mark of 80 in two sections.

Section A

Three compulsory questions on unseen stimulus materials (1 hour including 15 minutes reading/viewing time) which will involve the topic areas – see sample questions later.

Section B

One 60 minute essay from a choice based on the two pre-set topics. Students need to prepare to write about both representation and the impact of digital media, but will only answer a question on one topic.

Please Note AQA says that candidates should not study only one topic area for MEST3 and then repeat that for MEST4


Time is short, and students will not have written an essay for some time so will need to get up to speed with an essay on Representation. To make it a little more fun show a clip from a modern movie with easy representations such as Twilight (2008). AQA expects students to largely quote from contemporary films (last 5 years) and at least 21st C films.

Show the trailer for the new Twilight The New Moon (2009) .

Question: How do the representations of the two protagonists Bella and Edward represent the target audience?

Question: How important are the...

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