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An Introduction to the Newspaper Industry Workshop

Rob Miller | Thursday January 08, 2015

Categories: News, Newspapers

Our full or half day, interactive, visually stimulating workshops introduce pupils/students to the newspaper industry by exploring key genres and conventions – tabloid, mid market tabloid, local newspapers and broadsheets.

Centres are invited to select key case study texts and genres in advance while sessions will explore institution, ownership and synergy, production and publication, circulation and distribution, convergence and digital technology in relation to competing news platforms.

Case studies can be introduced and developed by Edusites Media if requested in advance.


  • A 3 Hour Half Day course costs from £300
  • A 6 Hour Full Day course costs from £450
  • Travel and printing fees are also applicable, where appropriate. The workshop rate may vary depending on location

Booking & Contact Information

Telephone: 01604 847689
Email: consultancy@edusites.co.uk