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An Introduction to Machinima

Richard Gent | Wednesday October 20, 2010

Categories: Games, Machinima

‘Diary Of A Camper’

Diary of a Camper is a short 1996 American film made using id Software’s 1996 first-person shooter computer game Quake. It was created by United Ranger Films, then a subdivision of a popular group of computer game players, or clan, known as the Rangers.

The film was first released over the Internet as a non-interactive game demo file.

The video is generally considered[1] the first known example of machinima - the art of using real-time, virtual 3-D environments, often game engines, to create animated films.

The story centers on a lone camper (a player waiting in a strategic location instead of seeking active battle) who faces five members of the Rangers clan in a deathmatch, a type of multiplayer game in which the goal is to kill as many opponents as possible.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diary_of_a_Camper

Although players had previously recorded segments of gameplay, these were usually deathmatches or speedruns, attempts to complete a map as quickly as possible.

Diary of a Camper was the first demo to contain a


with (text-based) dialogue, instead of merely showing gameplay.

Commentators have called the work primitive, but acknowledge its importance in establishing video games as a medium for filmmaking.

What is Machinima? [Machine + Cinema]

Source: Machinima.com

Call Of Duty 4: Anathema (Machinima) - A Step Up from Diary of a Camper…

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdA9_wr86WA

An Article on Machinima

Machinima: Video Game As An Art Form? PDF Article by Martin Picard

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