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Eduqas (WJEC) 603 A Level Media Studies Unit 7 Exam Workbook Student

Barry Rainsford | Saturday August 01, 2015

Categories: A Level, Eduqas (WJEC) A Level

Unit 7 A Level Eduqas Exam

This is the NotePack for use with Edusites Unit 7 Eduqas Exam. All of the notes refer to the content of this unit of work. They are designed to help you create a useful set of notes to help you with understanding the ideas covered in this examination, to support you in your Home Learning and be a clear revision aid in your preparations for the final examinations that you are required to take. You need to keep in mind at all times the examination board Assessment Objectives that your work is to be assessed with.


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  1. the theoretical framework of media
  2. contexts of media and their influence on media products and processes


Apply knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to:

  1. analyse media products, including in relation to their contexts and through the use of academic theories
  2. evaluate academic ideas and arguments
  3. make judgements and draw conclusions


  • Create cross-media products for an intended audience, by applying knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework of media to communicate meaning

Each of the boards that award A Level Media Studies qualifications state that you do not have to have studied the subject at KS4 but there is an expectation that students will have an interest in the ideas and area of study the subject.

This is the basis from which all of the Advanced Level units all work. If you have studied the media at KS4, then many of the areas we will be looking at in Advanced Level will be familiar to you but not repetitive.


  1. we will be looking in greater depth, with the expectation that your responses are more sophisticated and detailed than at KS4 and you will be pushed to show this
  2. Also, the opportunity to review previous learning will be useful to you as we push into the higher level of study required at AS & Advanced Level

We continue our A Level learning with Unit 7 of the study of Eduqas Component...

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