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2013 WJEC GCSE Media Studies Web Based Drama Conventions and Activities

Rob Miller | Thursday December 27, 2012

Categories: GCSE, Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE, WJEC GCSE Media Studies, Hot Entries, New Media, Convergence, Digital Media, Integration, New Technologies, Synergy, Web Based Drama

Section B: Thinking about the Media – Planning Web Based Drama

Web Based Drama can be studied on one level as stories that are presented in a dramatic way and like their TV Drama counterpart – they explore a range of sub genres which can also be hybridized. Again, like TV Drama they involve dramatic programmes that are scripted and are normally fictional. Crucially they have a shorter running time than TV Drama and lower production values.

Students need to be aware of the key differences and similarities between the two formats if they are to create their own ideas for a Web Based Drama in Section B. The last task for Section B will ask candidates to demonstrate a broader understanding of the topic area and develop their own examples; hence there is a requirement to ensure students are familiar with a range of stimulus material.

As identified above, Web Based Dramas are being developed because, in the current financial situation, broadcasters can no longer afford to finance new programmes. Production costs are increasing and advertising revenue from programmes broadcast on commercial television is falling – the growth in this alternative medium is why WJEC have chosen to use Web Based Dramas alongside TV Dramas in Section A and B. In terms of institutional factors Web Based Drama can use traditional methods of generating revenue e.g. advertising and new ways of funding such as product placement and subscription to ensure production costs are met and profit is made.

According to WJEC there are two types of Web Based Drama, Spin Offs and Stand Alone and either of which could be referenced in the 2013 summer exam. See below for a range of examples:

  • E20Eastenders spin off, very popular and concentrating on a much younger cast and employing younger writers; see MediaEdu’s E20 Case Study.
  • Unseen Skins – available the day after, more in depth as mini online webisodes and as if possible, exploring darker narratives and more...

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