Starters and Reality TV

Nicole Ponsford | Thursday, October 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

I loved The Great British Bake Off. Paul Hollywood reminds me of a brutal Deputy Head I had to work with in an inner city school. I love being able to look at pastry of an evening and pretend that I will start baking like that “tomorrow”. Anyone else?
This led me to two things - reality TV and starters. The Guardian said:

The Great British Bake Off ostensibly has just one goal: to find the country’s best amateur baker. But that isn’t necessarily why people watch it. In my experience, it’s either to flagellate yourself with endless images of cakes and biscuits that you can’t actually eat, or to marvel at just how brilliant the judges are.

I am not a huge Reality TV fan - but I blooming love this show. Masterchef is now a bit over-formatted for my liking and I only like Gordon when he is making Italian Americans cry over the pond (he seems to do this a lot).

Our MediaEdu Editor said:

Andy Warhol predicted in 1968 that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Contemporary observers such as David Weinberger suggest that Internet technologies will make everyone famous to 15 people.  But Reality TV shows confirm to viewers that anyone can become famous to an audience of millions – well almost anyone…

At present, it seems X Factor’s Kitty will be the one who will be the next tabloid mistress and ... good luck to her. Her very shaky and emotional response to the result on Sunday night is definitely one for the close up edits / gossip columns (Editor note: Is that what I am doing?? - sudden self aware moment…). If you want a more academic response, please see the link below.

Getting back to the baking - what seemed to be missing was the starters. Sometimes I think that if you are not a core subject, it can be hard to find subject specific ones for media. Or you may think that starters are for other subjects - but we disagree.

From copyright to comics, from audience to animation - we have a huge amount of quizzes which make excellent starter / energiser activities. If you have any other starters you like, share below or let us know if you would like some more!

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